Besides creating specific education programmes and productions in conjunction with schools and colleges, Absolute Theatre is able to offer theatre workshops and individual tuition for professionals and non-professionals, for all ages and in all circumstances. Group sessions are geared towards a fun, lively and supportive atmosphere in which to learn about acting, building self-confidence and self-expression or to develop specific skills. All classes will consist of theatre games and exercises, followed by intensive improvisation and/or some text work, exploring both performance and the performer. Anybody who has an interest in "getting up there and doing it" will find the sessions stimulating, focussing as they do on emotional truth and strong interaction.

The improvisation workshops aim to encourage a spontaneous response from participants, establishing a framework in which everyone feels at liberty to use their instincts and primary thoughts, rather than getting bogged down in 'performance' or fearing judgement from others present. The emphasis is always on the practical. Improvisation is a valuable tool within theatre for the creation of new work and as a means to explore situations and character within a text. Actors with a strong grounding in impro are often more generous performers and benefit from a more developed understanding of status interaction. An actor who is not afraid to improvise greatly enhances his/her performance vocabulary and employment potential, given the wide range of theatre produced both in the UK and abroad, the expectation of improvising skills at castings (particularly for commercials) and the approach to film development favoured by directors like Mike Leigh.

For further information please contact us on +44(0)7976 665093 or email us at info@absolutetheatre.co.uk